Services We Provide
Full Maintenance  & Finance Leasing - we offer a wide variety of leases suited to meet the
needs of our clients.  Full Maintenance operating and finance leases are available at the most
competitive rate among the major fleet leasing corporations.

Integrated Logistic Services - we offer a host of trucks and trailer configurations.  Our
experienced DOT certified drivers are highly dependable and our scheduling services insure
productivity and efficiency in all of our clients needs.  Qualified dispatchers maintain positive
goals in keeping trucks and materials moving and on time.

Vehicle Maintenance & Repair - Expert maintenance technicians are qualified to meet all of
your service needs, 24-hours a day.  Most of our Mechanics have over 30 years experience in
Truck/Tractor/Trailer repair.

Emergency Road Service - 24-hours, 7 days a week

Fuel Tax Reporting -  As part of our service to our customers with Full Maintenance Leases
and Finance Leases, Fuel Tax Reporting is an option in the lease agreements.

Automated Drive-Thru Truck Wash Pricing
Tractor & Trailer - $35.00
Tractor - $14.00
Box Truck - $14.00

Automated Fueling Service -
Located at our Warren facility is a 24-hour, 7 day a week
fueling site.  This service is made possible by Quick Fuel Fleet Service using Mobil diesel fuel of
all our customers and private fleets.
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